Other different way of present materials, exercises etc.

Not only Power Point exists



What you think?

5 Little Monkeys and the Hunglry Crocodile- (6-7 years)- Vocabulary and numbers 1-5

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGEbm_Lhq7A&feature=player_embedded Video estracted from http://esldramagames.com/


E-mail. Writing exercise (9-11 years)

For what we use the net? There is a lot of social networks (facebook, twitter) where we can contact with other teachers arround the world. It´s very interesting and motivating for the students to make on line activities as chating, e-mailing, skype calls …


Firstable we explain the students how to create an e-mail account in Internet. It´s mandatory to put emphasis in the safety tips. The students work in groups of three or four and they must create an account together


After this the teacher explain  the tips of writing and e-mail.


When they understand the way to write an e-mail the teacher give every group one e-mail direction

  • They have to present themselfs and ask questions about who they are
  • Explain them how is their class and their citty

The activity continue when the students receive their mails. The must to find mistakes and answer in the same day.

Teacher check the results and help their motivation

  • Pictures?
  • Videos?

It´s important to coordinate between teachers. Ist very interesting if you find a teacher for a different citty or country

Podcast listening (11-12 years old)

I start my first entry with an example about a listen activity using podcasts.

Internet is a very huge place with a lot of options. In my opinion is important to be as close as possible to the reality. Most of the radio stations public in podcast formats radio programs for use in an English class. I found a Web with ESL podcasts . The voice is very clear and slow so is very easy to understand at all also they offer a writing transcription of the podcasts



Activity 1- Family meal

  • Listen the next podcast


  • After listening try to look for the meaning of the words in blacks

My roommate, Jim, invited me over to his house for a family meal. I’m an only child, so I’m not used to a big family dinner. I felt like a fish out of water. …
Jim’s mother: Sit down, everybody. Dinner’s ready.
Phil: Thank you for having me over, Mrs. Moreno.
Jim’s mother: Don’t mention it. Just sit down and eat. Jim, pass the potatoes, and Dana, don’t hog the peas. Hand them both to Phil.
Phil: Thank you, Mrs. Moreno, but I’ve already taken a helping of each dish.
Jim’s mother: Then you need to have seconds. You’re too skinny. Eat up!
Phil: This food is really good, but I don’t think I have the appetite for more. My plate is already overloaded.
Jim’s mother: All right, no more potatoes or peas, but you need more ham. Laura, serve Phil some more ham, and Jason, round-up some more rolls.
Phil: No, no, please. I really couldn’t eat more than what’s already on my plate.
Jim’s mother: Don’t be ridiculous. I know you’re saving room for dessert. There’s an apple pie, a strawberry shortcake, a cheesecake, and some ice cream. …
I now know why Jim only comes home for meals every once in a while. Eating like this more than once a week would give anybody a coronary!


  • Make a list with your favorite food